New Falken Flagship Azenis FK520L Designed for Premium Sport Driving

Stamford Tyres (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Falken tyres in Malaysia, recently launched the latest addition to the Falken flagship tyre line, the Azenis FK520L. The new Ultra-high Performance (UHP) tyre is designed for the premium car, executive sedan, Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) and sport car segment.

“The new Azenis FK520L is introduced to replace the highly acclaimed Azenis FK510. The FK520L received the number one overall rating in the general tyre performance test conducted in 2021 by Europe’s largest automobile federation, ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club/General Automobile Club). In the following year, the tyre received a number one rating for its wear performance. This new tyre has set a high standard not only against its predecessor but also its rivals in major aspects,” said Frankie Kong, Head of Sales, Training & Development

The new tyre life span, he said, had improved significantly, which was 10 per cent longer compared to Azenis FK510. He noted that the service life of any new tyre over its previous generation was normally extended by about three to five per cent. He attributed the longevity of the new tyre tread life to Falken’s proprietary left-right asymmetrical tread pattern and tread depth as well as the adoption of a special silica compound.

“This left-right asymmetrical tread pattern also provides the excellent cornering performance that premium vehicles demand. The tyre’s outside blocks are designed with enhanced rigidity to provide a solid grip while the water evacuation reduces hydroplaning risk and improves stability and control on wet roads, even at high speeds.”

Thanks to the new pattern and compound, he added, the FK520L was rated A for wet grip performance for all sizes, the highest rating awarded under the EU labelling.

As for the rubber compound, Ku Seng Yeow, Head of Sales Channel Development, explained it incorporated ‘Sustainable Silica Dispersion Agent’, an advanced all-natural biomaterial that offered stronger bonding between rubber and silica. The results, he said, were longer tyre usage life and superior performance in wear resistance and dry handling.

Besides that, he continued, the Aero design of the new tyre reduced wind resistance. In addition, Falken used Advanced 4D Nano simulation technology to develop the new ‘Diamond Cut’ tread (integrated with noise reduction elements). Featuring edges on the tyre’s shoulder grooves, the ‘Diamond Cut’ tread improved ground contact, cornering and braking performance on dry surfaces.  

Kong pointed out that the dry performance of this new UHP tyre had improved eight per cent compared to the FK510.

“The Falken engineers never forgot the comfort and quiet ride of the Azenis FK520L. The reinforced layer, a strong and tough band featuring an extra belt of aramid fibre used in bulletproof vests, not only increases the new tyre’s cornering force and high-speed stability, but also suppresses vibration to achieve a significant reduction in overall road noise.” Moreover, the round profile of the tyre allowed the entire sidewall to flex, enabling it to effectively absorb road shocks. Also worth mentioning is the tyre weight that was reduced in comparison with its predecessor. The lower weight, according to him, and unsprung mass as well as the lower rolling resistance resulted in improved fuel efficiency and performance.

Aimed at the demands of hardcore driving enthusiasts and the younger generation, the Azenis FK520L boasts a sporty and aggressive design in addition to its well-rounded performance. Utilising a proprietary ‘Nano Black’ lettering technology, the Falken logo on the tyre sidewall is engraved with tiny ridges that are said to suppress light reflection and create a shade of black. As such, this Falken logo is said to stand out clearly always. 

The made-in-Japan Azenis FK520L is available initially in 47 sizes, 30 to 65 series, from 17 to 21 inches. All tyres in the series are authorised for speed category Y (300km/h) and W (270km/h). He said the car brands and models that the company targeted were from Europe including the sedans, sport cars and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) from BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen; Japan – sedans, sport cars, Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) and SUVs from Toyota, Honda, Subaru and Nissan; and Malaysia, including the SUVs from Proton.

The company is currently running an exclusive promotion for the dealers. The campaign is to encourage the dealers to test the Azenis FK520L.

With the new tyre, the company is targeting to double the sales achieved by the Azenis FK510.