Quality is Affordable with Rovelo Tyres

The Rovelo brand continues to offer safety and quality at a consumer-friendly price, which enables it to retain customer’s trust and loyalty. 

“Many brands have found the key to success through making their quality affordable and Rovelo wanted to be one of them. Consumers are generally more price sensitive than before the pandemic and this gives Rovelo a good opportunity to further penetrate the local market,” said Ang Beng Loo, Sales Manager of STC Tyre Mart Sdn Bhd.

STC Tyre Mart brought the Rovelo brand to Malaysia in 2014. Since then, the brand had grown steadily over the years. Unlike parallel importers, Ang said the company was here to stay and invested in brand building with an extensive network and good after-sales service support. The company ensured that the Rovelo tyre line-up that it introduced was suitable for local road conditions and weather. More importantly, the Rovelo tyres that were distributed by the company were covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

The Vietnam-made Rovelo tyre line-up that the company distributes includes passenger car radial (PCR) tyres, Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) tyres and commercial vehicle tyres. The PCR tyres are the RHP-A68 (available sizes from 12” to 16”) and RHP-780 (13” to 15”), High Performance (HP) tyres as well as ultra-high performance (UHP) tyres – the Sport A1 (15” to 20”) and RPX 988 (16” to 17”).

As for SUVs, the company has Road Quest AT (available sizes from 15” to 20”), Road Quest AT (15” to 17”), Ridgetrak AT (15” to 17”), Montare HT RV 08 (15” to 18”) and RMT 810 (15” to 20”).

On the commercial side, he said the light truck tyres that the company carried were RCN 601 (available sizes from 14” to 15”), RCM -X+ (13” to 16”), RCM 836 (15” to 16”) and RL-02 (only available in 14”).

With the abovementioned range, he said the company was able to cater to the different needs of motorists for cars, SUVs, 4x4s as well as commercial light trucks.

Popular Rovelo models

Ang revealed that Sport A1 and RHP A-68 were the company’s popular PCR tyre models. “Asymmetric tyres combined two different tread patterns for dual benefits that cater to the specific requirements of dry and wet road surfaces. The asymmetrical pattern of Sport A1 provides excellent cornering stability while maintaining superior traction in wet conditions and improved aquaplaning resistance. It has an optimal design to provide excellent drainage for safer driving performance on wet roads while its wavy pattern design on the outer rib helps prevent road noise and increase corner grip. The RHP A68 features an asymmetric tread pattern with multi-dimensional centre sipes, which improves braking in all weather conditions. High-speed cornering and extended tread life are achieved through reinforced shoulder ribs.”

Ang added that Rovelo had expanded its HP and UHP tyre sizes to include smaller rim sizes in view of these tyres gaining rapid popularity in use on smaller vehicles.

For the SUV segment, he pointed out that the Road Quest AT and Montare HT RV 08 received encouraging response from the market. The strong sidewall of Road Quest AT, he stressed, widened the running surface to ensure superior traction performance on all types of road surfaces. Other features included widened shoulder grooves and nodules within tread grooves that effectively ejected mud, sand, gravel and other debris to improve grip. Its climbing performance and traction were also improved, thanks to its tread block that maintained a staggered bite. Lengthen tread shoulder employed a multi-layered protruding design that enhanced strength and prevented damage to the carcass, allowing for a safe off-rolling experience.

Meanwhile, the Montare HT RV 08 is said to deliver good handling and stability that the SUV and crossover of today demand. The channel groove design increases tyre grip and driving stability for greater manoeuvrability and braking performance. Driving comfort is increased through a unique pattern design that delivers good vibration and noise absorption.

“Last month, Rovelo’s factory representatives came to visit us with the assurance that they would continue to support the Malaysian market with premium quality tyres and new innovative products at competitive prices,” he added.

The pandemic, he continued, affected the tyre industry and company dealers greatly. Although business plans couldn’t keep up with the changes especially during the current market uncertainty, Ang said the company continued to help its dealers get back on their feet through training, recovery plan and strong after-sales support.

“Our sales team is trained to share our business strategy, developments and direction with our dealers on an individual basis instead of focusing on hard sales. We motivate and reward our dealers with a reward points programme.”

STC Tyre Mart aims to bring the Rovelo brand to the next level. “We are positioning Rovelo as a premium tyre brand among the many Chinese brands. To achieve this goal, we need to build a strong retail dealer base as well as work closely with Rovelo’s manufacturer and factory.”