Stamford Tyres & Sumitomo Rubber Participate in Women’s Street Crime Awareness Campaign

Stamford Tyres Malaysia Sdn Bhd (STM), the sole distributor of Falken tyres in Malaysia, and Sumitomo Rubber Asia (Tyre) Pte Ltd (SRAT) participated in the recent Women’s Street Crime Awareness Campaign, which they co-sponsored. The 6th edition of the campaign was held at KL Gateway Mall by the Road Safety Marshal Club (RSMC) on 11th June to raise awareness on road safety and street crime for women.

STM Chief Executive Officer Conson Tiu Sia said the company was honoured to be part of this year’s campaign. “Safety for women, including road safety, is always our priority. The campaign also covered surviving road traffic accidents, vehicle anti-snatch device training and vehicle emergency handling, which are in line with our social responsibility initiatives to prevent danger and understand proper safety measures for women behind the wheels.”

The company has set up a station in the event to educate women regarding tyre maintenance as a road safety measure and demonstrate how damaged tyres affect the vehicle’s traction, handling and braking performance. “We highlighted the importance of vehicle maintenance including tyre care. Tyres are the car’s only contact patches with the road and the safety in driving, steering, handling, accelerating and braking depended on them,” said Frankie Kong, Head of Sales for SUV & 4X4, Stamford Tyres Malaysia.

“Therefore,” Kong continued, “keeping your car and tyre in prime condition is equally essential to the safety of yourself, passenger and other road users.”

Road Safety Marshal Club Founder and President Capt K. Bala said the club was happy to be back hosting another edition of the Women’s Street Crime Awareness Campaign after a hiatus due to the pandemic in 2020.

“Many women are unaware of the risks and challenges they face on the streets. We want to equip them with proper knowledge and techniques to defend themselves,” he said.

Through the various activities that featured in the campaign, women learned survival and safety skills for different scenarios including handbag snatch, kidnap attempts, acid splash, detecting spy cameras, vehicle breakdowns, road accidents and many more.   

The highlight of the event was the Iron Lady Awards 2023 that honoured 17 women for their selfless and noble deeds for society.

“These women have demonstrated bravery and kindness that made a difference in the lives of many people. We want to honour their accomplishments and influences because they are examples for others to follow and create a better world for the community and society as well,” said Capt K. Bala.

Also present were Ivan Reijan, Deputy General Manager, STM; Takehiko Asai, Managing Director, Sakie Takagi, Sales & Marketing Manager and Lee Kok Chiang, Assistant Manager, SRAT.