Rovelo’s 4×4 tyre range – Designed to meet all challenges at affordable prices

Despite 4x4s being a familiar sight on Malaysian roads, the difference between car and 4×4 tyres is still a mystery to some.

While 4×4 tyres might just look like larger and beefier sets of donuts, they actually differ tremendously compared to car tyres.

Generally, car tyres are built with comfort and grip in mind for tarmacked roads. While 4×4 tyres can also do that, they are mainly primed for dependability and grip on loose surfaces such as dirt and mud.

4×4 tyres facilitate this off-road grip by having deeper and larger gaps between the treads, which helps maintain traction in adverse conditions as the rubber has more contact with the surface. Furthermore, 4×4 tyres also usually have stronger and thicker sidewalls, which gives extra protection when venturing out into the rough stuff.

Where 4×4 tyres also traditionally differ from car tyres is in their price, but thanks to new tyre manufacturers such as Rovelo, the cost of 4×4 tyres are now more affordable than ever.

Rovelo is a tyre manufacturer with a global presence. They have cemented their place among many motorists as a brand that provides the market with a wide range of high-quality value for money tyres.

Not only do they sell excellent car tyres, but they also have a range of 4×4 tyres, from ones that are pleasant and comfortable on the tarmac to tyres that provide the most grip when driving off-road.

Rovelo’s 4×4 tyre range even has tyres suitable for SUVs, designed for vehicles that are built like 4x4s but drive like cars.

If you’re interested in learning more about Rovelo’s 4×4 tyre range, read on.

Montare HT RV08 – Highway and City SUV tyres

The Montare HT RV08 is Rovelo’s specifically engineered tyre for SUVs and crossovers. It delivers good handling and stability that the SUV and crossover of today demand, without compromising ride comfort. Furthermore, the Montare HT RV08 provides a smooth ride for highway cruising. Some of its key features are:

  • The main channel groove design improves grip and driving stability for greater manoeuvrability and braking performance in various road conditions
  • Unique pattern design ensures good vibration and noise absorption to increase driving comfort
  • ​​​​​​​Available sizes: 17″ – 19″

Roadquest HT & Roadquest AT – On/off-road light truck and 4×4

The Roadquest HT and AT is a specifically designed tyre for pickup trucks and 4x4s. Available in highway terrain(HT) or all-terrain(AT) variant, the HT tyres are aimed at vehicle owners who like to be in safety and comfort while going through long journeys on the highways, while the all-terrain tyres are for owners looking for tyres that are reliable and can handle the tough stuff. Among its key selling points include:

Roadquest HT

  • The main grooves are designed to efficiently expel water and reduce rolling resistance, thus offering greater fuel economy, high-speed stability, and wet traction
  • Fine sipe design increases driving comfort on asphalt and concrete roads
  • Open shoulder design also Improves stability and traction when cornering on wet and dry roads
  • ​​​​​​​Available sizes:15” to 18” & 20”

Roadquest AT

  • The lengthened tread shoulder employs a multi-layered protruding design that improves strength and prevents damage to the carcass, allowing for a safe off-roading experience
  • Widened shoulder grooves and nodules within the tread grooves effectively eject mud, sand, gravel, and other debris to improve grip
  • Tread blocks maintain a staggered bite to improve traction and climbing ability
  • String and widened running surface ensures superior traction performance on all types of road surfaces
  • ​​​​​​​Available sizes:15″ – 20″

Ridgetrak AT – Heavy duty all terrain tyres for light truck and 4×4

If you’re looking for a heavy duty all-terrain set of tyres that has the ability to support heavier vehicles, the Ridgetrak AT is the tyre for you. With a higher RT(rugged terrain) rating, the Ridgetrak is able to support vehicles with heavier loads. If you plan to constantly load up your vehicle with produce or camping gear, then the Ridgetrak AT is for you.Among its key selling points include:

  • Aggressive open shoulder design that efficiently expels water, sluch and mud for optimum traction on all-conditions
  • Serrated tread block design provides excellent grip and traction on various road conditions
  • Solid centre rib and block sipes offer greater handling and comfort
  • Available sizes: 15″ – 17”

Roadquest RMT810 – off-road tyres for light trucks and 4×4

The Rovelo Roadquest RMT810 tyre has been designed to withstand the harshest and most challenging of terrains. Although the tyre is biased towards off-road driving, it still has excellent manners on-road, giving the driver confidence when travelling long distances. Among its key selling points include:

  • Z-shaped grooves between blocks are designed to improve grip and vehicles climbing abilities.
  • Deepened grooves allow mud to quickly be discharged from the tread at both high and low speeds.
  • Large blocks on the shoulders enhance handling on muddy and rocky roads.
  • The shield pattern which extends from the sidewall to the upper portion of the tyre protects the sidewall from abrasions and increases traction on muddy roads.
  • Available sizes: 15″ – 18”

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