Passenger Tyres


• Precision engineering and design ensure stability and comfort at high speeds.
• Experience outstanding dry & wet surface performance with our new proprietary asymmetrical tread pattern.
• New compound technology for superior mileage and dry handling performance.
• Enhanced cornering dynamics and stability with aramid layer reinforcement.
• Revolutionary micro engraving technology for stunning Nano black lettering effect.

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• Falken’s latest generation most high performance summer tire, the AZENIS FK510 is designed for drivers of premium vehicles looking for excellent grip and outstanding performance.
• 4D Nano Design enables Falken engineers to optimize new high-performance compounds at the molecular level, enhancing both wet weather traction.
• Featuring hybrid undertread materials, the FK510 delivers inspire confidence handling and stability.

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• Excellent traction and grip on wet and dry roads
• Enhanced resistance against aquaplaning
• Shorter braking distances
• Improved wear life
• Improved handling & improve ride comfort
• Further improved noise reduction

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